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Business Plan for Prashanti's sauces


Competition and Buying Patterns

While there are currently several vendors in this market selling competitive products, the commonality of those products provides an opening in the marketplace for the vibrant packaging and positioning of Prashanti's atjar and spices. We stand out on the shelf, we stand out in the restaurant, and we will stand out in the mind of the consumer.

Sales Strategy

The keys to our continuing success are in the areas we are adding to our current distribution channels. This will remain our main focus for the next five years. Sales calls on the following enterprises have resulted in Prashanti's Atjar being stocked and sold by them.


business plan objective DBS Retailers

business plan objective Pick and Pay Group

business plan objective Spar Inc

business plan objective 7 Eleven Group

business plan objective Woolworths Food


Sales Forecast

We currently forecast our sales to grow at the rate of 200% for the next 12 months because of written commitments we have received from distributors intending to take on our product line in larger volumes in the future.

This growth will continue, but at a lower rate of 120% for the next year, and by 70% the following year. We anticipate the growth rate to flatten out to a consistent 20% within five years, but to remain steady. Should the market on Indian food items continue at its current pace, we will keep pace with it. Our forecast does assume a downturn in the product within a three-year period, and the lower figures of 20% are a reflection of that forecast. We would be happy if it didn't falter.


Management Summary

Prashanti Naidoo - President
Prashanti is currently responsible for the preparation of atjar and maintaining the various inventories of raw materials; purchasing of food ingredients; assistance with packaging and shipping. In addition, she maintains the company records and is in direct communication with the accountant and other advisors.


Krish Naidoo - Vice President
Krish assists with the preparation and production of atjar; maintains the inventory of the finished products; is responsible for packing and shipping; assists with recordkeeping and cost containment. Krish also shares in the marketing and promotion of the product.


Personnel Plan

The current personnel plan calls for Prashanti to become a paid employee on or about August 1st. Although she has been working for Prashanti's since it's inception two years ago, she has not drawn a salary or been reimbursed for expenses. We are then planning on Krish taking a paid position with Prashanti's by early 2013.

Financial Plan

We have forecast a very rapid growth for Prashanti's this year. Although this may seem ambitious based on historic sales, this rate of growth is due to the large orders we have received to date from several distributors, letters of commitment from Spar Group and Woolworths, and the increasing number of orders from current clients.


Please refer to our Financial Plan page for more information on what the Financial Plan entails.

Break-even Analysis

Please refer to our Break Even Calculator for a formula to calculate the Break-even point.


Projected Cash Flow

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Projected Income Statement (Profit and Loss)

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Projected Balance Sheet

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