Make money from home: blogging

If you love writing and are passionate about a certain topic, then blogging is for you. However, if you want to make money from home by blogging, you have to create a lot of quality content before you will reap the rewards. Also, building a large readership helps a blogger in the same way that a large readership helps a magazine (for example) – the more page views your blog get, the more alluring your blog will be to potential advertisers. Build your readership by establishing genuine online relationships for example comment on other blogs, give genuine advice on forums and join in on a social media conversation.


After you have established your blog as a trustworthy source of information, the best way to start earning money from your blog is by selling products that your readers will be interested in. If you blog about gardening, sell garden gadgets or e-books on landscaping. Alternatively you can earn money from advertisements, where the advertisement matches your content. To open a Google AdSense account will get you started with 3rd party advertising on your blog. Either way, deciding how to make money with a popular blog is the easy part, the most difficult part is to establish your blog as a popular online platform and to gain regular readers.


Check out the following platfroms to start a free blog: