make money from home: handmade crafts

Handmade crafts are big news these days, and many small time crafters have started making big money by selling their handmade products on large online marketplaces like, and


If you decide to sell your product on, try to create a product that is unique and will stand out. There are over 1 billion crafters on that sell handmade jewellery, and trying to compete in such a saturated market is not ideal for the person just starting out. Anyone can open a shop with and joining is free. However, they do charge a small fee for each item that you list, and they take a commission from every sale you make. The potential to reach a large audience on is great, but it is just as easy to become invisible on a site that is so enormous. It would therefore be wise to consider all the available options of marketplaces before deciding on one.


Once you have decided on an online marketplace and listed your products, the real hard work starts. You have to get as many products views as possible and create product awareness for your new unique craft. A relative easy method to do that is through social networking. Start off to link your marketplace shop with a Facebook page, Pinterest account and Instagram account and think about giving away a few products to drum up some interest.



Check out the following websites to get started with selling homemade crafts: