Make money from home: create an online shop

Create an online shop for either digital or physical products.

To build your own online shop can be very rewarding if you already have a product and want to sell it from your home. You can even sell digital products like photographs or dress patterns that can be downloaded after payment.


You do not have to be a developer or have in-depth technical knowledge to create an online shop with tools such as, and only moderate technical skills to use a platform such as Wordpress with Woocommerce. These types of platforms enable you to choose from hundreds of templates to create the look and feel that you prefer for your online shop. Next, you should decide what form of payment you want to accept – the easiest to setup is online services such as PayPal and Bitcoin, but you would need a few extra steps if you are going to accept credit cards. Checkout the frequently asked page at Shopify to get you started with credit card payment methods


Once you have setup your online shop, the next very important step is to lure paying customers. This can be done through targeted advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook. Targeted advertising lets you choose certain keywords that are applicable to your business or product. Google Adwords works like this: Let say you sell stock photos of horses on your website, and you chose keywords such as "horse in daisy field" or "pictures of horses". Each time somebody search for those keywords or maybe something similar, your ad will show up in their search results, and you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it.

Check out the following platfroms to get started with an online shop: