make money from home by using your current skills

Delving into your own current skill set is a great way to earn an income when working from home. There are many online platforms where you can find jobs that are primarily done digitally, like or . Relevant jobs that fit your skill set might be more scarce than other types of online work, but the potential revenue for the "from home"-worker is much more.


Available jobs range over a wide spectrum of categories, for instance: Writers of Academic or Creative content, Proofreading and Editing, Translating, Administrative support, Accounting and other Financial type jobs, Sales and Marketing, Social Media Consultants, Designing and other Creative jobs, and Programming.


Simply create a profile and remember to list all previous experience in your chosen field to make your profile more attractive to potential employers. Choose all the relevant job categories in which you would like to work, so that you can be notified when jobs become available. When they do, you would need to quote on the project and specify a time-frame of expected completion. The employer then chooses the most appealing offer and grants the project to the successful applicant.


Also see "Freelancer local" – choose from Pick-up and Delivery; Photography and Videography; Help me Move; Cleaning; and Help with Garden Maintenance


Check out these websites to get started on finding a job within your skill range: