make money from home with social media management

Social Media Consultancy and Management is a whole new industry that has sprung from the abundance of available social media platforms. Although it is a broad term for an even broader scope of platforms, for the sake of this article we will narrow it down to the following definition: A Social Media Manager will help and work with businesses to maintain their Social Media accounts. Maintenance of these accounts includes creating original content for publication, raising brand awareness and keeping their subscribers or followers interested in their offering by promoting special deals etc. Also, and perhaps most importantly, a Social Media Manager will devise strategies on how to increase the amount of followers or subscribers. Essentially, a Social Media Consultancy manages a business' public profile on their behalf.


Finding work as a Social Media Consultant might be easy if you are already skilled in the world of Social networking (which you probably are if you are considering this as a potential job). The best way to get started is to show off your skills by promoting yourself and your new consultancy on Social Media, this is the best way to showcase to potential customers what you are capable of in the line of business you're going in. Start a Social Media campaign for a few friend's business' (for free) to learn the ropes and to build confidence, but most importantly to start building your references.


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