make money from home by creating videos on youtube

Making Money on YouTube might be easier than you might think. These days it seems that more and more consumers prefer visual media when searching for information on the internet. Internet users have become so used to fast access to information, they would probably prefer searching for a video on how to do anything, rather than reading an instruction manual. Think board-gamers searching for a video on how a new game works, rather than reading through 10 pages of Game Rules, imagine looking for a quick guide on how to setup a camping tent rather than trying to figure out the instruction manual.


The first step to make money on YouTube would be to figure out what you want to make a video about. You probably need to consider your own knowledge about the subject, and it would go a long way if you are actually interested in the chosen subject. It can literally be about anything, as there are no limits to what internet consumers are curious about. Just remember that the video needs to be short and to the point. If you are making a video about how to service a car, for instance, you could break it up into several short videos, to keep your audience's attention, and also to maximize your possible income.


So the next step is to setup your YouTube account and to monetize your videos. Choose the option "Monetize with Ads" (in the Monetization tab) when uploading your video, and this will enable you to earn an income from advertisements. It is very important to ensure that your content is original and that it belongs to you (thus there shouldn't be any copyrighted material in your video). You should also create a Google AdSense account, to be able to keep track of your earnings and manage pay-outs, but also to get access to ad reports that shows how many clicks you got and what the average cost per click on your ads are.


Remember that the most important part of creating any type of content is to get people to watch it. This may seem obvious, but is often overlooked when content creators neglect the "marketing" part of the process. Start this process off by sharing it on social media and other platforms where the topic is relevant, such as public forums.