Business contract: lease of property

This lease of __________(1)__________________, made _______(2)__________, by and between __________(3)____________, whose address is _______(4)________,

hereinafter called Lessor, and __________(5)_________, whose address is

__________(6)____________, hereinafter called Lessee,




1. That Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee leases from Lessor, subject to the

terms and conditions herein set forth, the following (hereinafter sometimes referred to as

the "Property"):


Make and Model Manufacturer's Serial No. Registration No.


Together with all equipment and accessories attached thereto or used in connection

therewith including the following:



All of which are included in the term Property as used herein. Lessee hereby acknowledges delivery and acceptance of the aforesaid Property upon the terms and conditions of this lease.


2. Lessor hereby leases to Lessee said Property for the purpose of



3. The term of this lease is ______(9)____________, beginning this day and ending



4. In consideration of said lease, Lessee agrees as follows:


(a) To pay to Lessor for the possession and use of said Property for the purpose

aforesaid, _____(11)____ dollars ($_________), payable as follows:



(b) To safely keep and carefully use the Property and not sell or attempt to sell, remove

or attempt to remove, the same or any part thereof, except reasonably for the purpose



(c) Lessee shall, during the term of this lease and until return and delivery of the Property

to Lessor, abide by and conform to, and cause others to abide by and conform to, all laws

and governmental and airport orders, rules and regulations, including any future

amendments thereto, controlling or in any manner affecting operation, use or occupancy

of said Property or use of airport premises by said Property.


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